Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Locations and properties

I'm trying to work out what I want from a location, and what is feasible.

The main considerations I'm trying to work out are whether to look for somewhere slap bang in the centre of town, or further out, and whether we should aim big, or keep small.

Thoughts on each so far:

Potential for high footfall- shoppers and tourists. Easier to convince people to make the journey to come. Basically, lots of people. However perhaps harder to get them to stop and look around, pause and explore.

Further out:
(Such as London Road, Lewes Road, Portland Road) It would be nice to take something out of the centre, into a community. Also potentially cheaper. Less passing trade but maybe better potential to engage with the community.

A lot of space would obviously enable a wider range of activities, and the chance to have a number of things happening simultaneously. It would be great to be able to seat at least 30 people for talks or screenings, have a bar area, and workshop space. I would also love to be able to hand out space to other organisations to use.

Much easier to organise, cheaper, less to do! It would force us to use the space very carefully. Less people needed, though whether that's good or bad I don't know. Basically easier, but less exciting.

I suppose a lot will be decided by what properties are actually available. I need to make contact with some agents and landlords, which is a scary prospect. Any advice or contacts would be hugely appreciated. Please contribute your thoughts in the comments if you have any.

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