Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Media Coverage

Last Friday I appeared in the Argus, along with the two other winners of the Amex Bursaries. Well done to all of us!
At the moment I am writing up a detailed plan, and hope to attend some local business networking events with it in the hope of meeting some helpful people, and potentially some landlords/estate agents who'd like to work with me in my quest for a location.
The cogs are in motion.


  1. Hey,
    Not sure if you are already aware of this but found this event when looking for jobs and thought it might be useful http://www.wiredsussex.com/event-calendar/ The Make It Happen Social Enterprise meeting on the 27th Jan.
    Joy x

  2. I emailed them to book it, it costs £40 but you can send them your specific details before hand for them to think about. Not sure if it would be worth it or if I could get similar advice for free..