Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Basically, what I thought was...

I have a few thoughts humming around about the type of things that could happen at the CCA. Here are some dribblings...

'I Can't Draw' Drawing Classes- drawing sessions aimed at people who say they can't draw (and those that think they can) where everything you thought you knew will be unlearned and new avenues to take our pens and pencils down will be explored. Drawing games, observation challenges, collaboration and questioning- what is a good drawing?

An exhibition curated, organised and generally devised by a team of local school pupils- I hope to be able to approach a school or sixth form so that a volunteer could work with a group of their students to give them a chance to put on a real exhibition and gain some experience etc. Need to work out the finer details of this... would be great to talk to anyone involved in Secondary education.

Mini-Lectures- I'd like to get in touch with lecturers, PhD students, local professionals and anyone else who'd like to be involved to programme a series of short (say 20-30 minutes) lectures. Topics and themes could be very wide ranging, from specific moments in art history to the role of art and culture during a recession. I think it would be good to have a mixture of all sorts.

Got any ideas for events/classes/talks etc that could work at the CCA? Get in touch: leave a comment or email

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